Child Seat Fitting  is a private company dedicated to meeting all your Baby seat installation, Child seat fitting  and Child seat installation needs. We are an authorised Child seat installation company in Eastern Sydney.

Through our wide range of baby seat related services like baby seat installation and rectifying faults, we provide you with the simplest, safest and generally cheapest way of appropriately meeting those needs.

Correctly fitting a rear-facing child car seat

Check out our recently created video and article for CarsGuide, on how to correctly install a rear-facing child car seat:

View Video on Installing Isofix Seats

Our services include the following:

  • Authorised child seat fitting Station
  • Baby seat installation
  • Fitting child seats and capsules for all children (0-7 years)
  • Fitting or adding anchor points to vehicles that do not have them.
  • Providing and fitting CRAB BARS (3 extra anchor points)
  • Selling of child seat fittings and baby capsules
  • Fitting of new seat belt assemblies
  • Rectifying Air Bag faults related to seat belt issues
  • Supplying and fitting of child harnesses
  • Supplying and fitting extra attachments for child restraints
  • Cleaning capsule insert material for all makes and modules
  • Exclusive pick-up and drop-off service for seat / capsule cleaning

We deliver a service that ensures Baby seat installation, Child seat fitting and Child seat installations are fitted correctly. This service includes ensuring that you understand how to use your child restraint correctly.

When we install your own Child Restraint Fitting we can assure you the highest quality installation and service is provided.

The new laws will require children to be appropriately restrained in a motor vehicle in a suitable approved child restraint from birth up to the age of seven.

Phone or call in to check our child car restraints product range and prices.


As we provide you with a personal service it is recommended that you make an appointment.

At least one day’s notice is advised. We recommend organizing baby seats installation two weeks before the due date.


While you are not prohibited to install child restraints yourself, it is strongly recommended to seek the help of a professional installer of child restraints in Sydney to get the task done. Our qualified baby seats fitters will install your child restraints systems to leave you free of unnecessary worry. If you have a used or new baby seats restraint and need help installing it, as an authorised child restraints fitting station we can inspect it for safety, install baby car seats correctly and instruct you on the proper use. The fee for this service is typically $60 plus parts if required.