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Ezy Switch Convertible Car Seat

Suitable for babies from birth to approximately 4 years of age.

 ezy-switch-convertible-car-seat-1, Baby Seat Fitting SydneyEasy to install, easy to adjust and easy to convert! Harness adjustment, installation and conversion from newborn to toddler mode has never been simpler in baby seat installation. It is combined with safety technology and the latest in fashion designs and accessories. Its compact size enables 3 restraints to fit in the back seat making it perfect for smaller cars in baby seat installation.


Ezy Combo Harnessed Booster

Suitable for children from 6 months to approximately 6 to 8 years of age.

 ezy-combo-harnessed-booster-1The plush Ezy Combo harnessed booster is fitted with a padded liner for extra comfort for both baby seat installation and child seat installation. The large contoured side wings provide superior side impact protection. The seat is large enough to allow most children up to approximately 4 years of age to use the in-built harness and allow many children to use the in-built harness until they are 5 or 6 years of age. The Ezy Combo is also suitable for use with the EzyGoTM Harness (Sold Separately).


Ezy Booster Seat

Suitable for children from 4 years to approximately 6 to 8 years of age.

In child seat fitting and child seat installation, the Ezy Boost booster seat is ideal for children who have grown out their seat with in-built harness (approximately 4 years of age) until they reach the upper shoulder height marker (approximately 6 to 8 years of age). The height adjustable head rest with deep side wings offers maximum protection that will support a child’s head while sleeping.


Ezy Up Booster Seat

Suitable for children from 4 years to approximately 6 to 8 years of age.

In child seat installation and child seat fitting, the Ezy Up booster seat is ideal for children who have out grown their seat with in-built harness (approximately 4 years of age) until they reach the upper shoulder height marker (approximately 8 years of age). The seat features quick release height adjustment a flat fold for easy transportation and are easy to install. The Ezy Up offers protection for growing children whilst ensuring they travel in ultimate style.


Anchor point

Infant restraints, child car seats, child harnesses and some booster seats need to be attached via a top tether strap to an anchor point in the car for child seat installation and child seat fitting. Not all vehicles are equipped with an anchor point and some vehicles will require special modifications to fit one. If your vehicle does not have an anchor point, there are accessories that can be fitted to the vehicle to ensure the correct installation of your child seat fitting. Child Seat Fitting can supply and fit appropriate accessories, or make any necessary modifications to your vehicle, to ensure the safe operation of your children.


Extension tether strap

Extension strap with hook is used to extend tether strap on child seat fitting to enable it to reach the anchorage point in the vehicle. Extension tether strap will suit all car seats and vehicles with hook anchorage connection in all child seat installation. It is commonly used in hatchbacks, station wagons and four wheel drives.


Seat belt extension

Have you ever been caught in any of the following situations?

Your seat belt is too short to fit around the person or booster seat you are trying to secure

You have 3 child seats across the rear seat and you find it difficult to get your hand down between the seats to secure the seat belt

If you answered yes to either of the above then the seat belt extender may assist you.
Only available for use in selected models of vehicles, the seat belt extender is available in 200mm and 300mm lengths to assist you to help secure your loved ones more easily and comfortably to ensure a safe ride.


Seat belt buckle guard

Baby Seat Fitting SydneyIt is a very common thing that a seat belt securing a child seat installation can be released and goes unnoticed for some time.

The Buckle Guard has been designed and developed to provide a physical barrier which deters adults and children from accidentally releasing their fastened child seat installation instead of their own seat belt. In the event of an emergency the buckle guard is easily flexed upwards to enable you to release the seatbelt.
Please note: This device is not designed to prevent children from releasing their in-built harness.


Seat protector mat

Seat protector mat helps to protect your vehicles car seat. It features individual panels of high density foam that contour to any vehicle seat and protects the upholstery from the permanent indentations caused by child car seats. The mat also has non-slip surfaces on the top and bottom to prevent the child seat being able to slip and slide. With handy front organiser pockets, it really is the ultimate under mat which works with all infant carriers, car seats and booster seats.


Gated buckle

The Gated Buckle is a pre-crash positioning device. It is designed to hold the seat belt tight up to the moment of impact in a crash, at which point the emergency locking retractor of the shoulder belt takes over to prevent further movement. It is not uncommon for the Gated Buckle to bend or even break during a crash, but as long as it holds the seatbelt in position up to that time, it has still done its job.


Crab Bar / Multiple anchor points

crab bar child seat fittingThe Child Restraint Anchorage Bar or CRAB was designed by the NSW RMS to restrain in safety up to 3 children. Vehicles which may need a CRAB include Station Wagons, 4 Wheel Drives and Passenger Vans that lack or have insufficient anchorage points. Cost of CRAB will be determined according to the amount of trim and fittings needing to be removed, modified and replaced and the time required to do so. Prices Start From $357.00
All modifications and fitting require appointment. Please ring to make an appointment. Min $45.00 Deposit (Non Refundable) when booking in for modification. All Fitting are supplied with an RMS certificate. Most vehicles need to be inspected prior to appointment