There are Two Options:

1.  Bring your own Seat or Capsule and we will fit it for you within 15 min for $60

2.  Don’t have a Seat or Capsule?  You can purchase one from us

You Can Purchase Additional Items:


Gated buckles from $10

This gated buckle will prevent side movement of the child seat.  By fitting a gated buckle you will increase the safety and stability of the chair.

Seat protectors from $30

To protect the seat of your vehicle from any damage while the child seat is installed.

Special rear view mirrors for $25

To keep an eye on your most precious cargo (child).  You will be able to have a full view of your child whilst driving.

Extension seat belt strap from $25

 To ensure that we get the correct tension on the seat assembly. Some vehicles have a far away anchor point and make it hard to reach.

Payment Method

We accept EFTPOS, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Cash